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Our Shopify step by step guide will show how you can connect your Upurr Store Profile with your Shopify Web Store to enable your shoppers to buy items from your store through Upurr.

Installing The Upurr Store Sales Channel Video Tutorial

Installing The Upurr Store Sales Channel Text Guide

  1. From your Shopify Dashboard, click the 'Apps' link that is included in the main menu.
  2. Visit the Shopify App Store by clicking the 'Visit The Shopify App Store' button.
  3. Shopify Dashboard
  4. Search for the 'Upurr Store' using the search box provided.
  5. Shopify App Store
  6. Click on the Upurr Store listing to view the listing profile.
  7. Shopify App Store
  8. Click the 'Add app' button and wait for Shopify to redirect you to the installation process (this may take a few minutes).
  9. Shopify App Store
  10. At the Upurr Store account page. Click 'connect account' then login using your Upurr Store Profile credentials.
    Please note :  You must have a Upurr Store Profile already registered. Not yet registered?  Register your Store Profile.
  11. Upurr Store Connection
  12. Once you receive the success tick, your Upurr Store Profile is now connected.
  13. Upurr Store Authorize
  14. To finish your integration you need to make all products available to the Upurr Store App. Scroll down to the 'Publishing' section and click 'Manage Availability'.

    In the Shopify Bulk Editor, make all products available to Upurr Store and click 'Save'. Go back to the Upurr Store App and make sure all the products are now available.
  15. Upurr Store Publishing
  16. Shopify Bulk Editor
  17. Go to your Upurr Store Profile and start adding products, create vouchers, lookbooks and start benefiting from profile analytics.