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5 Reasons Why Your Store Should be on Upurr

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5 Reasons Why Your Store Should be on Upurr

When writing this article I quickly listed 15 reasons why an online store should register an account with Upurr, but how many reasons do you really need? 5, 10, 15, maybe 20? Honestly, I nearly stopped after point 1 as I didn’t feel it needed more after that but you will see why that is…


So what is Upurr? 

In a nutshell, to any online store, Upurr is a powerful e-commerce marketing tool and to any shopper, Upurr is an online shopping app with a variety of cool features that makes their online shopping experience much more streamlined and simple. Shopping features and benefits include; discovering new stores (based on a shopper's style and preferences), discount vouchers, quick access to stores and last but not least, the ability to check out from multiple stores in one checkout experience. So let’s run through the 5 main reasons your store should be listed and connected to Upurr: 


1. It’s free marketing! 

Boom! Let’s face it, in a world where online stores are paying out large sums to market their stores to targeted shoppers, Upurr is one of the very few tools where you don’t pay a dime to have shoppers that regularly shop at stores like yours see your store brand and products. One store that left a Upurr trust pilot review just said… “It’s a no-brainer!” and it’s true! Even if you don’t sell anything from being on Upurr, your store branding and logo are being seen by many shoppers and that’s the worst-case scenario! If you get one sale through Upurr then that’s one sale and you’ll only pay the commission on that sale so it's a win, win! If you get lots of sales… well, you get my point!


2. It improves organic SEO 

Organic SEO is not easy to build. It takes time and it can be difficult to get backlinks. Creating a Upurr Store Profile provides the opportunity for you to get backlinks to your home page, product pages and social networks. This helps improve your online presence through organic searches on search engines such as Google.


3. Boosts high-quality traffic 

As soon as your store is registered, connected and approved, targeted shoppers will be instantly notified about your store and you will get an instant boost in traffic directly to your store website. Over time you’ll find that many other shoppers discover your store via the shopper discover page and find themselves browsing your online store. This consistent flow of traffic is what leads to my next point… 


4. Conversions, conversions, conversions 

With Upurr being designed to send targeted shoppers to your store, the conversion rate from Upurr traffic is much higher than standard traffic. It’s from shoppers that either regularly shop at stores like yours, have told Upurr they like the sort of products you offer or have already saved your store for easy access. This means that these shoppers are very likely to purchase either directly through your store website or via their Upurr checkout. Running an online store is ultimately all about converting a visit into a sale and Upurr does its best to make this happen. 


5. Voucher alerts 

Upurr allows you to create vouchers that your Upurr shoppers can use via the Upurr checkout. The great thing here is that when you create a voucher in Upurr with a discount code it will alert all shoppers that have saved your store, this could potentially be hundreds of shoppers that instantly get notified that your new voucher is available. This is massively effective for seasonal promotions such as Christmas offers or a new summer line. Whether the discount is exclusive to Upurr or not (it doesn’t matter) the point is that many shoppers will be drawn in instantly and you can focus on conversions from there.


So that’s my top 5 reasons! To put it bluntly, Upurr is designed to help shoppers find the stores they’ll love shopping at and your store could be one of those stores. With the beauty of a no sale, no fee model it’s no wonder why many UK stores are now registering and connecting to Upurr as there’s really nothing to lose and so much to gain!

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