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Boosting your store performance

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An app that drives targeted shoppers directly to your store

HYR London
HYR London

Upurr allowed us to reach a bigger market and gain more targeted customers. Easy to set up and works well with our Shopify based store. Highly recommended for independent brands like us!

Nothing to lose.
Much to gain.

A business model based on a no sale, no fee basis

Designed to support your business, not drain your marketing budget. We only benefit when you benefit.

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Draw in your shoppers

Its quick and easy to create an effective store profile

Store Profile
  • A store profile that showcases your products and brand with social network links
  • Product syncing that makes it easy to manage and categorise your products on your profile
  • Create vouchers to instantly notify your shoppers about discounts and offers using your voucher codes
  • Rich data and analytics to give you the power to improve your profile performance

Driving the right shoppers

Utilising the latest in AI and Machine Learning to generate high quality traffic

By ensuring your profile is visible to shoppers that are interested in your type of products, your store will see a decrease in bounce rate and an increase in conversions.

AI and Machine Learning


1.How do I connect my store to Upurr?

It's easy to connect your store. Complete the store registration form. This will create your store profile account. Then connect your platform in a few easy steps and you're all set. For more information on connecting your store please see our documentation page.

2.Why is Upurr different to other Marketplace apps?

The main difference with Upurr is that we drive traffic directly to your store. A shopper can then either utilise our push cart functionality to add cart items to their Upurr cart or they can just checkout on your store like any other shopper. This helps support your websites organic SEO strategy.

3.Is it free to connect my store?

Yes, its completely free to register and connect your store to Upurr. There are paid subscriptions available to unlock premium benefits but these are completely optional. A commission fee of 10% is charged only when a shopper purchases a product via the Upurr app, no charge is applied if the shopper uses your store checkout.

4.How long does it take for my store to be approved?

All stores that connect to Upurr will then go through an approval process. Not all stores are approved but we aim to approve as many stores as possible. It usually takes 3-5 days for the approval process to be completed but in busier periods it could take up to 14 days.

5.Am I guaranteed to get a sale?

No, these are real people using our shopping app and although nearly all stores do get a sale within the first month, it's your responsibility to make your profile attractive by using good imagery and content to draw in shoppers. Feel free to reach out to support if you're finding it difficult to make a sale and one of our experts will look to help you improve your profile and support where possible.

6.Can I add multiple store profiles under one account?

Yes, you can add and connect as many stores as you like under one account.

7.What type of store is suitable for Upurr?

Upurr is suitable for a wide range of stores however, we do not currently approve dropshipping stores or stores that offer services as opposed to physical products. Please see our store approval criteria for more information.

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