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Optimising Your Store For Upurr

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Optimising Your Store For Upurr

For any online store, Upurr is a powerful e-commerce marketing tool that can drive targeted shoppers and ultimately increase store conversions.


But how can a store ensure they are getting all the goodness that connecting to Upurr brings? In this article, I’m going to outline some aspects that are critical in optimising your store for Upurr and creating an effective Upurr store profile to draw in shoppers.



1. Good quality home page landing content

The first thing a Upurr shopper will see when they click on your store profile from the Discover page on Upurr is your website home page. We all know that first impressions count and this will most likely be the first impression a shopper will get of your store. 

There are many design tips for landing pages out there but here are the top 3 that I think takes priority: 

  • High-impact and high-resolution imagery that showcases your top product/s
  • Short, punchy words that provide a clear message
  • A call to action button (CTA) to direct the shopper to popular products. Getting these right is essential when it comes to creating a good first impression for shoppers discovering your store from Upurr.


2. A mobile-friendly website

Many shoppers will visit your website from the Upurr iOS or Android app (not all) so having a mobile-friendly website is crucial when it comes to optimising your website for Upurr. Ensuring images and text are scaled correctly and not cut off, designing mobile-friendly navigation and making sure that all content is readable are very important to gain maximum conversions from Upurr.



3. Currency converter

At the time of writing this post, Upurr includes stores from Europe and the USA, as well as the UK but the shopping app is only for UK shoppers. This may very well change in the future as there are plans to create a USA-based shopping app also but either way, having a currency converter on your store if you are outside of the shoppers' country is worth implementing into your site. There are lots of apps available, which one you choose will depend on your store platform but it’s a good idea to choose one that supports automatically setting the currency based on location also pay attention to the reviews and ensure you choose one that can be well positioned and is quick and easy for a shopper to select their currency. 



4. High-impact profile banner image

If you’re wondering how to get more traffic to my store? a high-impact and high-resolution banner image in your Upurr store profile play a key part in getting the attention of your shoppers as this is very prominent on the Discover page of the Upurr shopper app. Avoid any typography in your profile banner image as this can get cut off on different device sizes.



5. Well-presented profile logo (Size matters)

When you upload your store profile logo you should ensure it is high resolution and clear. Keeping a logo simple without text and ‘clutter’ is most effective. When you upload your logo, make sure you crop it with only a little bit of bleed as you don’t want the logo to be small. 



6. Regularly updating profile products

Many Upurr shoppers will see your store profile products before visiting your store so it’s important to regularly update your popular and latest products via your store profile account in Upurr. Having your most loved products at the top of your profile is more likely to get shoppers to visit your store and browse other products you offer and showing off your latest line is a great secondary method of drawing shoppers to your store website. 



7. Adding seasonal discounts via Upurr

Taking advantage of the Upurr voucher functionality can really make a difference. Black Friday discounts, Christmas discounts or maybe just a random 20% off the first purchase can draw in shoppers to make purchases. 



8. Hi-Res images for Lookbook

Having good quality images within your profile lookbook can give you the edge when it comes to displaying your store brand and products. Don’t think that a good Lookbook doesn’t matter as stars show that you can be 36% more likely to get a shopper to visit your store with a good Lookbook. Be creative and ensure that the Look Book shows off what your store is about. 


So there you have it! 8 key points to ensure your website and store profile are optimised for full effectiveness. I hope this article helps your store benefit from all that Upurr offers. If you’re looking to register and connect your store to Upurr, you can do so by clicking below.



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