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Upurr Available on Google Play

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Upurr Available on Google Play

Upurr is now available on Google Play! Download the Android app and start shopping today on your smartphone.


We're excited to officially announce the release of the Upurr Android app! Discover new stores, easily access your favourite stores, view voucher codes and take advance of our multi-store checkout using in-app purchasing or our push cart functionality all in the Upurr Android app.


Our development team have been working hard to ensure Version 1.0 hit the Google Play Store before the end of the year and will continue to add new features and maintain the app going forward to ensure your online shopping is as easy, effective and enjoyable as possible.


Start shopping on your Android smartphone today by downloading the Upurr app from the Google Play store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=upurr.upurr